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First name BUSHRA's origin is Arabic. BUSHRA means "good omen". You can find other first names and English words that rhymes with BUSHRA below. Ryhme list involves the matching sounds according to the first letters, last letters and first&last letters of bushra.(Brown names are of the same origin (Arabic) with BUSHRA and Red names are first names with English/Anglo-Saxon origin)

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First Names Rhyming BUSHRA



NAMES RHYMING WITH BUSHRA (According to last letters):

Rhyming Names According to Last 5 Letters (ushra) - Names That Ends with ushra:

Rhyming Names According to Last 4 Letters (shra) - Names That Ends with shra:

Rhyming Names According to Last 3 Letters (hra) - Names That Ends with hra:

zahra aethra aphra ophra tahra zohra gadhra meadhra

Rhyming Names According to Last 2 Letters (ra) - Names That Ends with ra:

asura aurora azmera chinara efra iyangura japera katura nadra sanura tandra zuhura estra moira soumra adra aludra alzubra badra bahira johara nasira noura samira thara' yusra gadara adora chamorra senora thora dendera kakra mukamutara mukantagara sagira shukura subira azura ceara abdera aldara ara astra calandra cassandra cleopatra clytemnestra cynara cyra cythera deianira dora electra fedora hemera hera hilaeira hydra hypermnestra isadora isaura kleopatra lysandra madora marmara metanira musidora pandora phaedra pheodora sapphira theodora theora thera vara adira afra zemira candra chaitra chandara chandra kawindra nidra odra pandara sakra saura sitara zudora tara

NAMES RHYMING WITH BUSHRA (According to first letters):

Rhyming Names According to First 5 Letters (bushr) - Names That Begins with bushr:

Rhyming Names According to First 4 Letters (bush) - Names That Begins with bush:

Rhyming Names According to First 3 Letters (bus) - Names That Begins with bus:


Rhyming Names According to First 2 Letters (bu) - Names That Begins with bu:

buach buadhachan buagh buan buchanan buchi buciac buck buckley bud budd buddy buena buinton buiron bundy bupe burbank burcet burch burchard burdett burdette burdon bureig burel burford burgeis burgess burghard burghere burgtun burhan burhardt burhbank burhdon burhford burhleag burhtun burian burke burkett burkhart burl burle burleig burleigh burley burlin burly burn burnard burne burneig burnell burnet burnett burnette burney burns burrell bursone bursuq burt burton buthayna buthaynah butrus


First Names which starts with 'bu' and ends with 'ra':

First Names which starts with 'b' and ends with 'a':

baba badi'a baduna baha baheera bahiya balbina balinda balisarda bama bana baptista baraka barbara barbra barda barika barkarna barra barta baseema basheera bashiga bashira basilia bathilda bathsheba battista batula batya bautista beatha beatricia beatrisa becca beda behula bela belda belia belina belinda belisarda bella belva bemia bena benedetta benigna benita beomia beornia berangaria berdina berengaria bernadea bernadina bernarda bernetta bernia bernicia bernita berta bertha bertilda bertina bertuska beta betha bethanna bethea bethia bethsaida bethseda bethsheba betia bettina beula bha bhadraa bhagiratha bianca bibiana bidelia bidina bienvenida bilagaana binata binga binta birdena birkita bitya bixenta blanca blandina blasa blathma blyana boadicea

English Words Rhyming BUSHRA


bushrangernoun (n.) One who roams, or hides, among the bushes; especially, in Australia, an escaped criminal living in the bush.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH BUSHRA (According to last letters):

Rhyming Words According to Last 5 Letters (ushra) - English Words That Ends with ushra:

Rhyming Words According to Last 4 Letters (shra) - English Words That Ends with shra:

Rhyming Words According to Last 3 Letters (hra) - English Words That Ends with hra:

urethranoun (n.) The canal by which the urine is conducted from the bladder and discharged.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH BUSHRA (According to first letters):

Rhyming Words According to First 5 Letters (bushr) - Words That Begins with bushr:

Rhyming Words According to First 4 Letters (bush) - Words That Begins with bush:

bushnoun (n.) A thicket, or place abounding in trees or shrubs; a wild forest.
 noun (n.) A shrub; esp., a shrub with branches rising from or near the root; a thick shrub or a cluster of shrubs.
 noun (n.) A shrub cut off, or a shrublike branch of a tree; as, bushes to support pea vines.
 noun (n.) A shrub or branch, properly, a branch of ivy (as sacred to Bacchus), hung out at vintners' doors, or as a tavern sign; hence, a tavern sign, and symbolically, the tavern itself.
 noun (n.) The tail, or brush, of a fox.
 noun (n.) A lining for a hole to make it smaller; a thimble or ring of metal or wood inserted in a plate or other part of machinery to receive the wear of a pivot or arbor.
 noun (n.) A piece of copper, screwed into a gun, through which the venthole is bored.
 verb (v. i.) To branch thickly in the manner of a bush.
 verb (v. t.) To set bushes for; to support with bushes; as, to bush peas.
 verb (v. t.) To use a bush harrow on (land), for covering seeds sown; to harrow with a bush; as, to bush a piece of land; to bush seeds into the ground.
 verb (v. t.) To furnish with a bush, or lining; as, to bush a pivot hole.

bushingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bush
 noun (n.) The operation of fitting bushes, or linings, into holes or places where wear is to be received, or friction diminished, as pivot holes, etc.
 noun (n.) A bush or lining; -- sometimes called a thimble. See 4th Bush.

bushboynoun (n.) See Bushman.

bushelnoun (n.) A dry measure, containing four pecks, eight gallons, or thirty-two quarts.
 noun (n.) A vessel of the capacity of a bushel, used in measuring; a bushel measure.
 noun (n.) A quantity that fills a bushel measure; as, a heap containing ten bushels of apples.
 noun (n.) A large indefinite quantity.
 noun (n.) The iron lining in the nave of a wheel. [Eng.] In the United States it is called a box. See 4th Bush.
 verb (v. t. & i.) To mend or repair, as men's garments; to repair garments.

bushelagenoun (n.) A duty payable on commodities by the bushel.

bushelmannoun (n.) A tailor's assistant for repairing garments; -- called also busheler.

bushetnoun (n.) A small bush.

bushfighternoun (n.) One accustomed to bushfighting.

bushfightingnoun (n.) Fighting in the bush, or from behind bushes, trees, or thickets.

bushhammernoun (n.) A hammer with a head formed of a bundle of square bars, with pyramidal points, arranged in rows, or a solid head with a face cut into a number of rows of such points; -- used for dressing stone.
 verb (v. t.) To dress with bushhammer; as, to bushhammer a block of granite.

bushinessnoun (n.) The condition or quality of being bushy.

bushlessadjective (a.) Free from bushes; bare.

bushmannoun (n.) A woodsman; a settler in the bush.
 noun (n.) One of a race of South African nomads, living principally in the deserts, and not classified as allied in race or language to any other people.

bushmentnoun (n.) A thicket; a cluster of bushes.
 noun (n.) An ambuscade.

bushwhackernoun (n.) One accustomed to beat about, or travel through, bushes.
 noun (n.) A guerrilla; a marauding assassin; one who pretends to be a peaceful citizen, but secretly harasses a hostile force or its sympathizers.

bushwhackingnoun (n.) Traveling, or working a way, through bushes; pulling by the bushes, as in hauling a boat along the bushy margin of a stream.
 noun (n.) The crimes or warfare of bushwhackers.

bushyadjective (a.) Thick and spreading, like a bush.
 adjective (a.) Full of bushes; overgrowing with shrubs.

bushelingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bushel

bushidonoun (n.) The unwritten code of moral principles regulating the actions of the Japanese knighthood, or Samurai; the chivalry of Japan.

Rhyming Words According to First 3 Letters (bus) - Words That Begins with bus:

busnoun (n.) An omnibus.

busbynoun (n.) A military headdress or cap, used in the British army. It is of fur, with a bag, of the same color as the facings of the regiment, hanging from the top over the right shoulder.

busconnoun (n.) One who searches for ores; a prospector.

businessnoun (n.) That which busies one, or that which engages the time, attention, or labor of any one, as his principal concern or interest, whether for a longer or shorter time; constant employment; regular occupation; as, the business of life; business before pleasure.
 noun (n.) Any particular occupation or employment engaged in for livelihood or gain, as agriculture, trade, art, or a profession.
 noun (n.) Financial dealings; buying and selling; traffic in general; mercantile transactions.
 noun (n.) That which one has to do or should do; special service, duty, or mission.
 noun (n.) Affair; concern; matter; -- used in an indefinite sense, and modified by the connected words.
 noun (n.) The position, distribution, and order of persons and properties on the stage of a theater, as determined by the stage manager in rehearsal.
 noun (n.) Care; anxiety; diligence.

businesslikeadjective (a.) In the manner of one transacting business wisely and by right methods.

busknoun (n.) A thin, elastic strip of metal, whalebone, wood, or other material, worn in the front of a corset.
 noun (n.) Among the Creek Indians, a feast of first fruits celebrated when the corn is ripe enough to be eaten. The feast usually continues four days. On the first day the new fire is lighted, by friction of wood, and distributed to the various households, an offering of green corn, including an ear brought from each of the four quarters or directions, is consumed, and medicine is brewed from snakeroot. On the second and third days the men physic with the medicine, the women bathe, the two sexes are taboo to one another, and all fast. On the fourth day there are feasting, dancing, and games.
 verb (v. t. & i.) To prepare; to make ready; to array; to dress.
 verb (v. t. & i.) To go; to direct one's course.

buskedadjective (a.) Wearing a busk.
  (imp. & p. p.) of Busk

busketnoun (n.) A small bush; also, a sprig or bouquet.
 noun (n.) A part of a garden devoted to shrubs.

buskinnoun (n.) A strong, protecting covering for the foot, coming some distance up the leg.
 noun (n.) A similar covering for the foot and leg, made with very thick soles, to give an appearance of elevation to the stature; -- worn by tragic actors in ancient Greece and Rome. Used as a symbol of tragedy, or the tragic drama, as distinguished from comedy.

buskinedadjective (a.) Wearing buskins.
 adjective (a.) Trodden by buskins; pertaining to tragedy.

buskyadjective (a.) See Bosky, and 1st Bush, n.

bussnoun (n.) A kiss; a rude or playful kiss; a smack.
 noun (n.) A small strong vessel with two masts and two cabins; -- used in the herring fishery.
 verb (v. t.) To kiss; esp. to kiss with a smack, or rudely.

bussingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Buss

bustnoun (n.) A piece of sculpture representing the upper part of the human figure, including the head, shoulders, and breast.
 noun (n.) The portion of the human figure included between the head and waist, whether in statuary or in the person; the chest or thorax; the upper part of the trunk of the body.

bustardnoun (n.) A bird of the genus Otis.

busternoun (n.) Something huge; a roistering blade; also, a spree.

bustlingnoun (n.) of Bustle
 adjective (a.) Agitated; noisy; tumultuous; characterized by confused activity; as, a bustling crowd.

bustlenoun (n.) Great stir; agitation; tumult from stirring or excitement.
 noun (n.) A kind of pad or cushion worn on the back below the waist, by women, to give fullness to the skirts; -- called also bishop, and tournure.
 verb (v. i.) To move noisily; to be rudely active; to move in a way to cause agitation or disturbance; as, to bustle through a crowd.

bustlernoun (n.) An active, stirring person.

bustonoun (n.) A bust; a statue.

busyadjective (a.) Engaged in some business; hard at work (either habitually or only for the time being); occupied with serious affairs; not idle nor at leisure; as, a busy merchant.
 adjective (a.) Constantly at work; diligent; active.
 adjective (a.) Crowded with business or activities; -- said of places and times; as, a busy street.
 adjective (a.) Officious; meddling; foolish active.
 adjective (a.) Careful; anxious.
 verb (v. t.) To make or keep busy; to employ; to engage or keep engaged; to occupy; as, to busy one's self with books.

busyingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Busy

busybodynoun (n.) One who officiously concerns himself with the affairs of others; a meddling person.


English Words which starts with 'bu' and ends with 'ra':

buckranoun (n.) A white man; -- a term used by negroes of the African coast, West Indies, etc.
 adjective (a.) White; white man's; strong; good; as, buckra yam, a white yam.