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First name JESSEE's origin is Unknown. JESSEE means "Meaning Unknown". You can find other first names and English words that rhymes with JESSEE below. Ryhme list involves the matching sounds according to the first letters, last letters and first&last letters of jessee.(Brown names are of the same origin (Unknown) with JESSEE and Red names are first names with English/Anglo-Saxon origin)

Rhymes with JESSEE - Names & Words

First Names Rhyming JESSEE



NAMES RHYMING WITH JESSEE (According to last letters):

Rhyming Names According to Last 5 Letters (essee) - Names That Ends with essee:

Rhyming Names According to Last 4 Letters (ssee) - Names That Ends with ssee:

Rhyming Names According to Last 3 Letters (see) - Names That Ends with see:

casee chelsee eloisee jennasee josee kelsee pensee

Rhyming Names According to Last 2 Letters (ee) - Names That Ends with ee:

floree aimee haidee taree ehawee hantaywee magaskawee makawee meoquanee ooljee ptaysanwee takchawee al-fadee falakee masree fraynee lee adorlee ainslee aleshanee amitee analee andee andree annalee ashlee audree avalee bethanee beverlee bonny-lee brandee bree britlee brittnee brylee brynlee callee caree carree cassadee catlee cattee caycee charee charlee cheree cherree cloee coralee cydnee cyndee dannalee dannee debbee debralee dee desaree desiree devinee deziree dorothee dustee edee edmee eevee ellee emilee emmalee emylee estee evanee fyuree greenlee harmonee haylee hollee indee jacee jadee jaicee jaimee jamee jamielee jamilee jaycee jaymee jeanee jenalee jenee jennalee jennilee jodee

NAMES RHYMING WITH JESSEE (According to first letters):

Rhyming Names According to First 5 Letters (jesse) - Names That Begins with jesse:

jesse jessemy jessey

Rhyming Names According to First 4 Letters (jess) - Names That Begins with jess:

jess jessamina jessamine jessamyn jessica jessie jessy

Rhyming Names According to First 3 Letters (jes) - Names That Begins with jes:

jesaja jesamina jeshurun jesiah jesika jeslyn jeslynn jesper jesus jesusa

Rhyming Names According to First 2 Letters (je) - Names That Begins with je:

jean jeana jeanae jeanay jeane jeanelle jeanetta jeanette jeanice jeanie jeanina jeanine jeanna jeanne jeannell jeannelle jeannette jeannie jeannine jeannot jeb jed jedadiah jedaiah jedd jedediah jedi jediah jedidiah jeena jeevan jeff jefferson jeffery jefford jeffrey jeffry jehane jehoichin jehu jela jelani jelena jelisa jem jemal jemila jemima jemimah jemina jemma jen jena jenae jenai jenalyn jenalynn jenalyss jenarae jenasis jenavieve jenay jenaya jenci jencir jenda jendayi jeneen jenella jenelle jenene jenesia jenesis jenessa jenetta jenette jeneva jenevieve jeni jenica


First Names which starts with 'je' and ends with 'ee':

jenny-lee jeremee

First Names which starts with 'j' and ends with 'e':

jaantje jace jacinthe jackeline jackie jacobe jacqualine jacque jacqueline jacquelyne jacquelynne jacquenette jade jae jaenette jahnisce jaide jaime jaimie jaine jaione jake jakobe jakobie jakome jamie jamile jamille janae janaye jane janee janelle janene janette janice janie janiece janine janise jannae janne jansje jantje jaqueline jaquenette jarine jasmine jasmyne jasone jasontae jaxine jayce jaycie jayde jaydee jaye jaylene jayme jaymie jayne jaynie jayvee jazmaine jazmine jazzmine jenice jeniece jenine jenise jennae jennarae jennavieve jennelle jennie jennine jensine jeraldine jeramie jerande jeremie jerianne jermaine jermane jermayne jerome jerzie jeyce jibade jilienne jillanne jillayne jillene jilliane jillianne jimmie jiselle jizelle

English Words Rhyming JESSEE


ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH JESSEE (According to last letters):

Rhyming Words According to Last 5 Letters (essee) - English Words That Ends with essee:

addresseenoun (n.) One to whom anything is addressed.

assesseenoun (n.) One who is assessed.

relesseenoun (n.) See Releasee.

sublesseenoun (n.) A holder of a sublease.

Rhyming Words According to Last 4 Letters (ssee) - English Words That Ends with ssee:

fricasseenoun (n.) A dish made of fowls, veal, or other meat of small animals cut into pieces, and stewed in a gravy.

madecasseenoun (n.) A native or inhabitant of Madagascar, or Madecassee; the language of the natives of Madagascar. See Malagasy.
 adjective (a.) Of or pertaining to Madagascar or its inhabitants.

passeeadjective (a.) Past; gone by; hence, past one's prime; worn; faded; as, a passee belle.

rescusseenoun (n.) The party in whose favor a rescue is made.

Rhyming Words According to Last 3 Letters (see) - English Words That Ends with see:

cogniseenoun (n.) See Cognizor, Cognizee.

deviseenoun (n.) One to whom a devise is made, or real estate given by will.

endorseenoun (n.) Same as Indorsee.

fuseenoun (n.) A flintlock gun. See 2d Fusil.
 noun (n.) A fuse. See Fuse, n.
 noun (n.) A kind of match for lighting a pipe or cigar.
 noun (n.) A small packet of explosive material with wire appendages allowing it to be conveniently attached to a railroad track. It will explode with a loud report when run over by a train, and is used to provide a warning signal to the engineer.
 noun (n.) The track of a buck.
 noun (n.) The cone or conical wheel of a watch or clock, designed to equalize the power of the mainspring by having the chain from the barrel which contains the spring wind in a spiral groove on the surface of the cone in such a manner that the diameter of the cone at the point where the chain acts may correspond with the degree of tension of the spring.
 noun (n.) A similar wheel used in other machinery.
 noun (n.) A signal used principally for the protection of trains, consisting of a tube filled with a composition which burns with a bright colored light for a definite time.
 noun (n.) A friction match for smokers' use having a bulbous head which when ignited is not easily blown out even in a gale of wind.
 noun (n.) A kind of match made of paper impregnated with niter and having the usual igniting tip.

indorseenoun (n.) The person to whom a note or bill is indorsed, or assigned by indorsement.

licenseenoun (n.) The person to whom a license is given.

parseenoun (n.) One of the adherents of the Zoroastrian or ancient Persian religion, descended from Persian refugees settled in India; a fire worshiper; a Gheber.
 noun (n.) The Iranian dialect of much of the religious literature of the Parsees.

phariseenoun (n.) One of a sect or party among the Jews, noted for a strict and formal observance of rites and ceremonies and of the traditions of the elders, and whose pretensions to superior sanctity led them to separate themselves from the other Jews.

promiseenoun (n.) The person to whom a promise is made.

releaseenoun (n.) One to whom a release is given.

seenoun (n.) A seat; a site; a place where sovereign power is exercised.
 noun (n.) Specifically: (a) The seat of episcopal power; a diocese; the jurisdiction of a bishop; as, the see of New York. (b) The seat of an archibishop; a province or jurisdiction of an archibishop; as, an archiepiscopal see. (c) The seat, place, or office of the pope, or Roman pontiff; as, the papal see. (d) The pope or his court at Rome; as, to appeal to the see of Rome.
 verb (v. t.) To perceive by the eye; to have knowledge of the existence and apparent qualities of by the organs of sight; to behold; to descry; to view.
 verb (v. t.) To perceive by mental vision; to form an idea or conception of; to note with the mind; to observe; to discern; to distinguish; to understand; to comprehend; to ascertain.
 verb (v. t.) To follow with the eyes, or as with the eyes; to watch; to regard attentivelly; to look after.
 verb (v. t.) To have an interview with; especially, to make a call upon; to visit; as, to go to see a friend.
 verb (v. t.) To fall in with; to have intercourse or communication with; hence, to have knowledge or experience of; as, to see military service.
 verb (v. t.) To accompany in person; to escort; to wait upon; as, to see one home; to see one aboard the cars.
 verb (v. i.) To have the power of sight, or of perceiving by the proper organs; to possess or employ the sense of vision; as, he sees distinctly.
 verb (v. i.) Figuratively: To have intellectual apprehension; to perceive; to know; to understand; to discern; -- often followed by a preposition, as through, or into.
 verb (v. i.) To be attentive; to take care; to give heed; -- generally with to; as, to see to the house.
 verb (v. t.) In poker and similar games at cards, to meet (a bet), or to equal the bet of (a player), by staking the same sum.

thitseenoun (n.) The varnish tree of Burmah (Melanorrhoea usitatissima).
 noun (n.) A black varnish obtained from the tree.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH JESSEE (According to first letters):

Rhyming Words According to First 5 Letters (jesse) - Words That Begins with jesse:

jessenoun (n.) Any representation or suggestion of the genealogy of Christ, in decorative art
 noun (n.) A genealogical tree represented in stained glass.
 noun (n.) A candlestick with many branches, each of which bears the name of some one of the descendants of Jesse; -- called also tree of Jesse.

jessedadjective (a.) Having jesses on, as a hawk.

Rhyming Words According to First 4 Letters (jess) - Words That Begins with jess:

jessnoun (n.) A short strap of leather or silk secured round the leg of a hawk, to which the leash or line, wrapped round the falconer's hand, was attached when used. See Illust. of Falcon.

jessaminenoun (n.) Same as Jasmine.

jessantadjective (a.) Springing up or emerging; -- said of a plant or animal.

Rhyming Words According to First 3 Letters (jes) - Words That Begins with jes:

jestnoun (n.) A deed; an action; a gest.
 noun (n.) A mask; a pageant; an interlude.
 noun (n.) Something done or said in order to amuse; a joke; a witticism; a jocose or sportive remark or phrase. See Synonyms under Jest, v. i.
 verb (v. i.) The object of laughter or sport; a laughingstock.
 verb (v. i.) To take part in a merrymaking; -- especially, to act in a mask or interlude.
 verb (v. i.) To make merriment by words or actions; to joke; to make light of anything.

jestingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Jest
 noun (n.) The act or practice of making jests; joking; pleasantry.
 adjective (a.) Sportive; not serious; fit for jests.

jesternoun (n.) A buffoon; a merry-andrew; a court fool.
 noun (n.) A person addicted to jesting, or to indulgence in light and amusing talk.

jestfuladjective (a.) Given to jesting; full of jokes.

jesuitnoun (n.) One of a religious order founded by Ignatius Loyola, and approved in 1540, under the title of The Society of Jesus.
 noun (n.) Fig.: A crafty person; an intriguer.

jesuitedadjective (a.) Conforming to the principles of the Jesuits.

jesuitessnoun (n.) One of an order of nuns established on the principles of the Jesuits, but suppressed by Pope Urban in 1633.

jesuiticadjective (a.) Alt. of Jesuitical

jesuiticaladjective (a.) Of or pertaining to the Jesuits, or to their principles and methods.
 adjective (a.) Designing; cunning; deceitful; crafty; -- an opprobrious use of the word.

jesuitismnoun (n.) The principles and practices of the Jesuits.
 noun (n.) Cunning; deceit; deceptive practices to effect a purpose; subtle argument; -- an opprobrious use of the word.

jesuitocracynoun (n.) Government by Jesuits; also, the whole body of Jesuits in a country.

jesuitrynoun (n.) Jesuitism; subtle argument.

jesusnoun (n.) The Savior; the name of the Son of God as announced by the angel to his parents; the personal name of Our Lord, in distinction from Christ, his official appellation.

jesunoun (n.) Jesus.


English Words which starts with 'je' and ends with 'ee':

jetteenoun (n.) See Jetty, n.