Statistics for Australian Origined First Names

We have 15 first names in our database for origin Australian.

Most Popular Names of Australian
(According to Visitor Traffic)
1. kylie
2. verity
3. eithan
4. tiarni
5. macala
6. dainan
7. zali
8. telen
9. tarni
10. desanka
11. najlaa
12. khya
13. manawanui

Here is their breakdown Australian first names according to their first letters:

Number of First Names According to First Letters of Australian Names
a(0 names)
b(0 names)
c(0 names)
d(2 names)desankadainan
e(1 names)eithan
f(0 names)
g(0 names)
h(0 names)
i(0 names)
j(0 names)
k(2 names)kyliekhya
l(0 names)
m(2 names)macalamanawanui
n(1 names)najlaa
o(0 names)
p(0 names)
r(0 names)
s(0 names)
q(0 names)
t(3 names)tarnitiarnitelen
u(0 names)
v(1 names)verity
x(0 names)
w(0 names)
y(0 names)
z(1 names)zali

Australian Names our site visitors has recently visited :

kylie, manawanui, macala, telen, khya, zali, najlaa, desanka, tarni, dainan, tiarni, eithan, verity