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First name HENGIST's origin is English. HENGIST means "son of wodan". You can find other first names and English words that rhymes with HENGIST below. Ryhme list involves the matching sounds according to the first letters, last letters and first&last letters of hengist.(Brown names are of the same origin (English) with HENGIST and Red names are first names with English/Anglo-Saxon origin)

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First Names Rhyming HENGIST



NAMES RHYMING WITH HENGİST (According to last letters):

Rhyming Names According to Last 6 Letters (engist) - Names That Ends with engist:

Rhyming Names According to Last 5 Letters (ngist) - Names That Ends with ngist:

Rhyming Names According to Last 4 Letters (gist) - Names That Ends with gist:


Rhyming Names According to Last 3 Letters (ist) - Names That Ends with ist:

gilchrist gikhrist list

Rhyming Names According to Last 2 Letters (st) - Names That Ends with st:

cyst bast amethyst drust clust west ernest tempest biast emest emst forest forrest kohkahycumest ocumwhowurst ocunnowhurst rust vokivocummast anst ernst earnest priest preost hurst gust

NAMES RHYMING WITH HENGİST (According to first letters):

Rhyming Names According to First 6 Letters (hengis) - Names That Begins with hengis:

Rhyming Names According to First 5 Letters (hengi) - Names That Begins with hengi:

Rhyming Names According to First 4 Letters (heng) - Names That Begins with heng:

Rhyming Names According to First 3 Letters (hen) - Names That Begins with hen:

henbeddestr henderson hendrika henley hennessy henning henri henrick henrietta henriette henrik henrika henriqua henry henson henwas

Rhyming Names According to First 2 Letters (he) - Names That Begins with he:

he-lush-ka heahweard healhtun heall healleah heallfrith heallstede healum healy heammawihio heanford heanleah heardind heardwi heardwine hearne hearpere heath heathcliff heathclyf heathdene heather heathle heathleah heathley heaven heaven-leigh hebe heber hebron hecate hector hecuba hedda hedia hedvig hedvige hedwig hedy hedyla hefeydd hegarty heh hehet hehewuti heida heide heidi heikki heikkinen heilyn heinrich heinz heitor hekli hekuba hel helain helaine helaku helder helen helena helene helenus helga helia helice helike helios helki helle hellekin helli helma helmer helmut helmutt heloise helsa helsin helton hemera heolstor


First Names which starts with 'hen' and ends with 'ist':

First Names which starts with 'he' and ends with 'st':

First Names which starts with 'h' and ends with 't':

hacket hackett halbart halbert halburt halebeorht hamlet hamlett hamoelet harailt harcourt harriet harriett hart haslet haslett hathor-sakmet hatshepsut hayat heorot heort heqet herbert herlbert herlebeorht hewett hewitt hewlett hewlitt hiatt hipolit hobart hohberht holt hubert hugiet hulbart hulbert huldiberaht hunt hurit huritt hurlbart hurlbert hyatt

English Words Rhyming HENGIST


ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH HENGİST (According to last letters):

Rhyming Words According to Last 6 Letters (engist) - English Words That Ends with engist:

Rhyming Words According to Last 5 Letters (ngist) - English Words That Ends with ngist:

phalangistnoun (n.) Any arboreal marsupial of the genus Phalangista. The vulpine phalangist (P. vulpina) is the largest species, the full grown male being about two and a half feet long. It has a large bushy tail.

Rhyming Words According to Last 4 Letters (gist) - English Words That Ends with gist:

aerologistnoun (n.) One versed in aerology.

agriologistnoun (n.) One versed or engaged in agriology.

agrostologistnoun (n.) One skilled in agrostology.

algologistnoun (n.) One learned about algae; a student of algology.

analogistnoun (n.) One who reasons from analogy, or represent, by analogy.

anthologistnoun (n.) One who compiles an anthology.

anthropologistnoun (n.) One who is versed in anthropology.

apiologistnoun (n.) A student of bees.

apologistnoun (n.) One who makes an apology; one who speaks or writes in defense of a faith, a cause, or an institution; especially, one who argues in defense of Christianity.

appanagistnoun (n.) A prince to whom an appanage has been granted.

arachnologistnoun (n.) One who is versed in, or studies, arachnology.

archaeologistnoun (n.) One versed in archaeology; an antiquary.

areopagistnoun (n.) See Areopagite.

assyriologistnoun (n.) One versed in Assyriology; a student of Assyrian archaeology.

atmologistnoun (n.) One who is versed in atmology.

bacteriologistnoun (n.) One skilled in bacteriology.

battologistnoun (n.) One who battologizes.

bibliopegistnoun (n.) A bookbinder.

biologistnoun (n.) A student of biology; one versed in the science of biology.

bromatologistnoun (n.) One versed in the science of foods.

bryologistnoun (n.) One versed in bryology.

campanologistnoun (n.) One skilled in campanology; a bell ringer.

carpologistnoun (n.) One who describes fruits; one versed in carpology.

cetologistadjective (a.) One versed in cetology.

chirologistnoun (n.) One who communicates thoughts by signs made with the hands and fingers.

chronologistnoun (n.) Alt. of Chronologer

climatologistnoun (n.) One versed in, or who studies, climatology.

conchologistnoun (n.) One who studies, or is versed in, conchology.

conchyliologistnoun (n.) Alt. of Conchyliology

cosmologistnoun (n.) One who describes the universe; one skilled in cosmology.

craniologistnoun (n.) One proficient in craniology; a phrenologist.

crustaceologistnoun (n.) One versed in crustaceology; a crustalogist.

crustalogistnoun (n.) One versed in crustalogy.

decalogistnoun (n.) One who explains the decalogue.

demonologistnoun (n.) One who writes on, or is versed in, demonology.

dendrologistnoun (n.) One versed in the natural history of trees.

deontologistnoun (n.) One versed in deontology.

dermatologistnoun (n.) One who discourses on the skin and its diseases; one versed in dermatology.

dialogistnoun (n.) A speaker in a dialogue.
 noun (n.) A writer of dialogues.

dramaturgistnoun (n.) One versed in dramaturgy.

druggistnoun (n.) One who deals in drugs; especially, one who buys and sells drugs without compounding them; also, a pharmaceutist or apothecary.

ecclesiologistnoun (n.) One versed in ecclesiology.

egyptologistnoun (n.) One skilled in the antiquities of Egypt; a student of Egyptology.

elegistnoun (n.) A write of elegies.

elogistnoun (n.) One who pronounces an eloge.

embryologistnoun (n.) One skilled in embryology.

entomologistnoun (n.) One versed in entomology.

entozoologistnoun (n.) One versed in the science of the Entozoa.

epidemiologistnoun (n.) A person skilled in epidemiology.

erpetologistnoun (n.) Herpetologist.

Rhyming Words According to Last 3 Letters (ist) - English Words That Ends with ist:

abacistnoun (n.) One who uses an abacus in casting accounts; a calculator.

abiogenistnoun (n.) One who believes that life can be produced independently of antecedent.

abolitionistnoun (n.) A person who favors the abolition of any institution, especially negro slavery.

abortionistnoun (n.) One who procures abortion or miscarriage.

absolutistnoun (n.) One who is in favor of an absolute or autocratic government.
 noun (n.) One who believes that it is possible to realize a cognition or concept of the absolute.
 adjective (a.) Of or pertaining to absolutism; arbitrary; despotic; as, absolutist principles.

abstractionistnoun (n.) An idealist.

academistnoun (n.) An Academic philosopher.
 noun (n.) An academician.

accompanistnoun (n.) The performer in music who takes the accompanying part.

accordionistnoun (n.) A player on the accordion.

acephalistnoun (n.) One who acknowledges no head or superior.

acolothistnoun (n.) See Acolythist.

acolythistnoun (n.) An acolyte.

acosmistnoun (n.) One who denies the existence of the universe, or of a universe as distinct from God.

acquistnoun (n.) Acquisition; gain.

actionistnoun (n.) A shareholder in joint-stock company.

actualistnoun (n.) One who deals with or considers actually existing facts and conditions, rather than fancies or theories; -- opposed to idealist.

adeptistnoun (n.) A skilled alchemist.

adiaphoristnoun (n.) One of the German Protestants who, with Melanchthon, held some opinions and ceremonies to be indifferent or nonessential, which Luther condemned as sinful or heretical.

adonistnoun (n.) One who maintains that points of the Hebrew word translated "Jehovah" are really the vowel points of the word "Adonai." See Jehovist.

adoptionistnoun (n.) One of a sect which maintained that Christ was the Son of God not by nature but by adoption.

adventistnoun (n.) One of a religious body, embracing several branches, who look for the proximate personal coming of Christ; -- called also Second Adventists.

affectationistnoun (n.) One who exhibits affectation.

agamistnoun (n.) An unmarried person; also, one opposed to marriage.

agonistnoun (n.) One who contends for the prize in public games.

agrammatistnoun (n.) A illiterate person.

agricolistnoun (n.) A cultivator of the soil; an agriculturist.

agriculturalistnoun (n.) An agriculturist (which is the preferred form.)

agriculturistnoun (n.) One engaged or skilled in agriculture; a husbandman.

agronomistnoun (n.) One versed in agronomy; a student of agronomy.

aladinistnoun (n.) One of a sect of freethinkers among the Mohammedans.

alarmistnoun (n.) One prone to sound or excite alarms, especially, needless alarms.

alchemistnoun (n.) One who practices alchemy.

alchymistnoun (n.) Alt. of Alchymy

alcoranistnoun (n.) One who adheres to the letter of the Koran, rejecting all traditions.

algebraistnoun (n.) One versed in algebra.

alienistnoun (n.) One who treats diseases of the mind.

alkoranistnoun (n.) Same as Alcoranist.

allegoristnoun (n.) One who allegorizes; a writer of allegory.

allodialistnoun (n.) One who holds allodial land.

allopathistnoun (n.) One who practices allopathy; one who professes allopathy.

alopecistnoun (n.) A practitioner who tries to prevent or cure baldness.

alpinistnoun (n.) A climber of the Alps.

alpistnoun (n.) Alt. of Alpia

altaristnoun (n.) A chaplain.
 noun (n.) A vicar of a church.

altruistnoun (n.) One imbued with altruism; -- opposed to egoist.

ambitionistnoun (n.) One excessively ambitious.

amethodistnoun (n.) One without method; a quack.

amnicolistnoun (n.) One who lives near a river.

amoristnoun (n.) A lover; a gallant.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH HENGİST (According to first letters):

Rhyming Words According to First 6 Letters (hengis) - Words That Begins with hengis:

Rhyming Words According to First 5 Letters (hengi) - Words That Begins with hengi:

Rhyming Words According to First 4 Letters (heng) - Words That Begins with heng:

Rhyming Words According to First 3 Letters (hen) - Words That Begins with hen:

hennoun (n.) The female of the domestic fowl; also, the female of grouse, pheasants, or any kind of birds; as, the heath hen; the gray hen.

henbanenoun (n.) A plant of the genus Hyoscyamus (H. niger). All parts of the plant are poisonous, and the leaves are used for the same purposes as belladonna. It is poisonous to domestic fowls; whence the name. Called also, stinking nightshade, from the fetid odor of the plant. See Hyoscyamus.

henbitnoun (n.) A weed of the genus Lamium (L. amplexicaule) with deeply crenate leaves.

henchboynoun (n.) A page; a servant.

henchmannoun (n.) An attendant; a servant; a follower. Now chiefly used as a political cant term.

hencoopnoun (n.) A coop or cage for hens.

hendeadjective (a.) Skillful; dexterous; clever.
 adjective (a.) Friendly; civil; gentle; kind.

hendecagonnoun (n.) A plane figure of eleven sides and eleven angles.

hendecanenoun (n.) A hydrocarbon, C11H24, of the paraffin series; -- so called because it has eleven atoms of carbon in each molecule. Called also endecane, undecane.

hendecasyllabicadjective (a.) Pertaining to a line of eleven syllables.

hendecasyllablenoun (n.) A metrical line of eleven syllables.

hendecatoicadjective (a.) Undecylic; pertaining to, or derived from, hendecane; as, hendecatoic acid.

hendiadysnoun (n.) A figure in which the idea is expressed by two nouns connected by and, instead of by a noun and limiting adjective; as, we drink from cups and gold, for golden cups.

hendyadjective (a.) See Hende.

henfishnoun (n.) A marine fish; the sea bream.
 noun (n.) A young bib. See Bib, n., 2.

henhousenoun (n.) A house or shelter for fowls.

henhussynoun (n.) A cotquean; a man who intermeddles with women's concerns.

heniquennoun (n.) See Jeniquen.

hennanoun (n.) A thorny tree or shrub of the genus Lawsonia (L. alba). The fragrant white blossoms are used by the Buddhists in religious ceremonies. The powdered leaves furnish a red coloring matter used in the East to stain the hails and fingers, the manes of horses, etc.
 noun (n.) The leaves of the henna plant, or a preparation or dyestuff made from them.

hennerynoun (n.) An inclosed place for keeping hens.

hennotannicadjective (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, a brown resinous substance resembling tannin, and extracted from the henna plant; as, hennotannic acid.

henoge nynoun (n.) Alt. of Henogenesis

henogenesisnoun (n.) Same as Ontogeny.

henotheismnoun (n.) Primitive religion in which each of several divinities is regarded as independent, and is worshiped without reference to the rest.

henoticadjective (a.) Harmonizing; irenic.

henroostnoun (n.) A place where hens roost.

henrynoun (n.) The unit of electric induction; the induction in a circuit when the electro-motive force induced in this circuit is one volt, while the inducing current varies at the rate of one ampere a second.

henwarenoun (n.) A coarse, blackish seaweed. See Badderlocks.

henxmannoun (n.) Henchman.


English Words which starts with 'hen' and ends with 'ist':

English Words which starts with 'he' and ends with 'st':

headmostadjective (a.) Most advanced; most forward; as, the headmost ship in a fleet.

hebraistnoun (n.) One versed in the Hebrew language and learning.

heelpostnoun (n.) The post supporting the outer end of a propeller shaft.
 noun (n.) The post to which a gate or door is hinged.
 noun (n.) The quoin post of a lock gate.

hellenistnoun (n.) One who affiliates with Greeks, or imitates Greek manners; esp., a person of Jewish extraction who used the Greek language as his mother tongue, as did the Jews of Asia Minor, Greece, Syria, and Egypt; distinguished from the Hebraists, or native Jews (Acts vi. 1).
 noun (n.) One skilled in the Greek language and literature; as, the critical Hellenist.

helminthologistnoun (n.) One versed in helminthology.

heptarchistnoun (n.) A ruler of one division of a heptarchy.

herbalistnoun (n.) One skilled in the knowledge of plants; a collector of, or dealer in, herbs, especially medicinal herbs.

herbaristnoun (n.) A herbalist.

herbistnoun (n.) A herbalist.

herboristnoun (n.) A herbalist.

heroologistnoun (n.) One who treats of heroes.

herpetologistnoun (n.) One versed in herpetology, or the natural history of reptiles.

herpetotomistnoun (n.) One who dissects, or studies the anatomy of, reptiles.

hestnoun (n.) Command; precept; injunction.

hesychastnoun (n.) One of a mystical sect of the Greek Church in the fourteenth century; a quietist.

heterocystnoun (n.) A cell larger than the others, and of different appearance, occurring in certain algae related to nostoc.

heterogenistnoun (n.) One who believes in the theory of spontaneous generation, or heterogenesis.

heterophemistnoun (n.) One liable to the fault of heterophemy.

hexametristnoun (n.) One who writes in hexameters.