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First name REULE's origin is French. REULE means "famous wolf". You can find other first names and English words that rhymes with REULE below. Ryhme list involves the matching sounds according to the first letters, last letters and first&last letters of reule.(Brown names are of the same origin (French) with REULE and Red names are first names with English/Anglo-Saxon origin)

Rhymes with REULE - Names & Words

First Names Rhyming REULE



NAMES RHYMING WITH REULE (According to last letters):

Rhyming Names According to Last 4 Letters (eule) - Names That Ends with eule:

Rhyming Names According to Last 3 Letters (ule) - Names That Ends with ule:

sule jule akule rule yule sproule

Rhyming Names According to Last 2 Letters (le) - Names That Ends with le:

kifle njemile udele naile nile tale adele crocale cybele eriphyle eurayle helle hypsipyle myrtle nephele odele omphale semele kiele rachele akinwole bekele kelile roble tekle stille bankole chibale kafele tearle michelle neville scoville maoltuile murthuile somhairle aristotle ercole theophile zale kale daniele emmanuele gamble vasile abbigale abegayle adelle afrodille anabelle angelle annabelle aprille ardelle areille ariele arielle arnelle audrielle belle bernelle bonnibelle brielle camile camille carole cecile cecille chamyle chanelle channelle chantalle chantelle chavelle chenelle cherelle cherrelle chevelle dale danele danelle danielle dannelle danrelle darelle dawnelle dawnielle denelle donelle elle emele francille gabriele gabrielle

NAMES RHYMING WITH REULE (According to first letters):

Rhyming Names According to First 4 Letters (reul) - Names That Begins with reul:

Rhyming Names According to First 3 Letters (reu) - Names That Begins with reu:

reuben reuel reuhen

Rhyming Names According to First 2 Letters (re) - Names That Begins with re:

re'uven re-harakhty read reade reading readman reagan reaghan reaghann reave reaves reba rebecca rebecka rebekah recene rechavia reda redamann redd redding redfor redford redley redman redmond redmund redwald reece reed reeford reem reema reese reeve reeves reeya regan regenfr regenfrithu regenweald reggie reghan regina reginald reginberaht reginhard reginheraht rehema rei reid reidhachadh reign reigne reileigh reilley reilly reina reine reiner reinh reinha reinhard reizo relia remedios remi remington remo remy ren rena renae renaldo renard renata renato rendall rendell rendor rene renee reneigh renenet renfield renfred renfrid renjiro renke renne renneil rennie renny reno renshaw renton renweard


First Names which starts with 're' and ends with 'le':

First Names which starts with 'r' and ends with 'e':

rachelle radbourne radbyrne radcliffe radeliffe radite rae raedburne rafe raighne ramone randale rane ranice rapere rayce rayhourne rayne reve rhete rhodanthe ricadene rice richelle richere richie rickie ridere ridge rille rillette rillie rique ritchie rive roane roanne robbie robinette robynne roche rochelle rocke roe rolande rolfe rollie romaine romhilde romilde ronce ronelle ronnie roque rorke rosalie rosalinde rosamonde rosanne roschelle roscoe rose rosemarie rosemonde rourke rousse rovere rowe roxane roxanne royale royce royse rozene rubie rudelle ruelle ruffe rune rupette rushe rute ruthie rutledge ryce rydge rye ryence ryenne rylee rylie

English Words Rhyming REULE


reulenoun (n.& v.) Rule.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH REULE (According to last letters):

Rhyming Words According to Last 4 Letters (eule) - English Words That Ends with eule:

corneulenoun (n.) One of the corneas of a compound eye in the invertebrates.

Rhyming Words According to Last 3 Letters (ule) - English Words That Ends with ule:

animalculenoun (n.) A small animal, as a fly, spider, etc.
 noun (n.) An animal, invisible, or nearly so, to the naked eye. See Infusoria.

antennulenoun (n.) A small antenna; -- applied to the smaller pair of antennae or feelers of Crustacea.

baculenoun (n.) See Bascule.

barbulenoun (n.) A very minute barb or beard.
 noun (n.) One of the processes along the edges of the barbs of a feather, by which adjacent barbs interlock. See Feather.

basculenoun (n.) In mechanics an apparatus on the principle of the seesaw, in which one end rises as the other falls.

batulenoun (n.) A springboard in a circus or gymnasium; -- called also batule board.

blastulenoun (n.) Same as Blastula.

boulenoun (n.) Alt. of Boulework
 noun (n.) A legislative council of elders or chiefs; a senate.
 noun (n.) Legislature of modern Greece. See Legislature.

bulbulenoun (n.) A small bulb; a bulblet.

calculenoun (n.) Reckoning; computation.
 verb (v. i.) To calculate

caniculenoun (n.) Canicula.

capitulenoun (n.) A summary.

capsulenoun (n.) a dry fruit or pod which is made up of several parts or carpels, and opens to discharge the seeds, as, the capsule of the poppy, the flax, the lily, etc.
 noun (n.) A small saucer of clay for roasting or melting samples of ores, etc.; a scorifier.
 noun (n.) a small, shallow, evaporating dish, usually of porcelain.
 noun (n.) A small cylindrical or spherical gelatinous envelope in which nauseous or acrid doses are inclosed to be swallowed.
 noun (n.) A membranous sac containing fluid, or investing an organ or joint; as, the capsule of the lens of the eye. Also, a capsulelike organ.
 noun (n.) A metallic seal or cover for closing a bottle.
 noun (n.) A small cup or shell, as of metal, for a percussion cap, cartridge, etc.

cedulenoun (n.) A scroll; a writing; a schedule.

cellulenoun (n.) A small cell.

ceruleadjective (a.) Blue; cerulean.

chondrulenoun (n.) A peculiar rounded granule of some mineral, usually enstatite or chrysolite, found imbedded more or less abundantly in the mass of many meteoric stones, which are hence called chondrites.

choulenoun (n.) See Jowl.

chromulenoun (n.) A general name for coloring matter of plants other than chlorophyll, especially that of petals.

conciliabulenoun (n.) An obscure ecclesiastical council; a conciliable.

corculenoun (n.) The heart of the seed; the embryo or germ.

coronulenoun (n.) A coronet or little crown of a seed; the downy tuft on seeds. See Pappus.

corpusculenoun (n.) A corpuscle.

crapulenoun (n.) Same as Crapulence.

crepusculenoun (n.) Twilight.

cupulenoun (n.) A cuplet or little cup, as of the acorn; the husk or bur of the filbert, chestnut, etc.
 noun (n.) A sucker or acetabulum.

curuleadjective (a.) Of or pertaining to a chariot.
 adjective (a.) Of or pertaining to a kind of chair appropriated to Roman magistrates and dignitaries; pertaining to, having, or conferring, the right to sit in the curule chair; hence, official.

cymulenoun (n.) A small cyme, or one of very few flowers.

cysticulenoun (n.) An appendage of the vestibular ear sac of fishes.

digitulenoun (n.) A little finger or toe, or something resembling one.

dobulenoun (n.) The European dace.

endoplastulenoun (n.) See Nucleolus.

epaulenoun (n.) The shoulder of a bastion, or the place where its face and flank meet and form the angle, called the angle of the shoulder.

faulenoun (n.) A fall or falling band.

fenestrulenoun (n.) One of the openings in a fenestrated structure.

ferrulenoun (n.) A ring or cap of metal put round a cane, tool, handle, or other similar object, to strengthen it, or prevent splitting and wearing.
 noun (n.) A bushing for expanding the end of a flue to fasten it tightly in the tube plate, or for partly filling up its mouth.

ferulenoun (n.) A flat piece of wood, used for striking, children, esp. on the hand, in punishment.
 verb (v. t.) To punish with a ferule.

fistulenoun (n.) A fistula.

flosculenoun (n.) A floret.

formulenoun (n.) A set or prescribed model; a formula.

frustulenoun (n.) The siliceous shell of a diatom. It is composed of two valves, one overlapping the other, like a pill box and its cover.

fasciculenoun (n.) A small bunch or bundle; a fascicle; as, a fascicule of fibers, hairs, or spines.

flocculenoun (n.) A detached mass of loosely fibrous structure like a shredded tuft of wool.
 noun (n.) Specif.: A small particle of an insoluble substance formed in a liquid by the union of smaller particles.

gallinulenoun (n.) One of several wading birds, having long, webless toes, and a frontal shield, belonging to the family Rallidae. They are remarkable for running rapidly over marshes and on floating plants. The purple gallinule of America is Ionornis Martinica, that of the Old World is Porphyrio porphyrio. The common European gallinule (Gallinula chloropus) is also called moor hen, water hen, water rail, moor coot, night bird, and erroneously dabchick. Closely related to it is the Florida gallinule (Gallinula galeata).

gemmulenoun (n.) A little leaf bud, as the plumule between the cotyledons.
 noun (n.) One of the buds of mosses.
 noun (n.) One of the reproductive spores of algae.
 noun (n.) An ovule.
 noun (n.) A bud produced in generation by gemmation.
 noun (n.) One of the imaginary granules or atoms which, according to Darwin's hypothesis of pangenesis, are continually being thrown off from every cell or unit, and circulate freely throughout the system, and when supplied with proper nutriment multiply by self-division and ultimately develop into cells like those from which they were derived. They are supposed to be transmitted from the parent to the offspring, but are often transmitted in a dormant state during many generations and are then developed. See Pangenesis.

germulenoun (n.) A small germ.

glandulenoun (n.) A small gland or secreting vessel.

globulenoun (n.) A little globe; a small particle of matter, of a spherical form.
 noun (n.) A minute spherical or rounded structure; as blood, lymph, and pus corpuscles, minute fungi, spores, etc.
 noun (n.) A little pill or pellet used by homeopathists.

glomerulenoun (n.) A head or dense cluster of flowers, formed by condensation of a cyme, as in the flowering dogwood.
 noun (n.) A glomerulus.

granulenoun (n.) A little grain a small particle; a pellet.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH REULE (According to first letters):

Rhyming Words According to First 4 Letters (reul) - Words That Begins with reul:

Rhyming Words According to First 3 Letters (reu) - Words That Begins with reu:

reumenoun (n.) Realm.

reunionnoun (n.) A second union; union formed anew after separation, secession, or discord; as, a reunion of parts or particles of matter; a reunion of parties or sects.
 noun (n.) An assembling of persons who have been separated, as of a family, or the members of a disbanded regiment; an assembly so composed.

reunitionnoun (n.) A second uniting.


English Words which starts with 're' and ends with 'le':

reachableadjective (a.) Being within reach.

readableadjective (a.) Such as can be read; legible; fit or suitable to be read; worth reading; interesting.

realizableadjective (a.) Capable of being realized.

reasonablenoun (n.) Having the faculty of reason; endued with reason; rational; as, a reasonable being.
 noun (n.) Governed by reason; being under the influence of reason; thinking, speaking, or acting rationally, or according to the dictates of reason; agreeable to reason; just; rational; as, the measure must satisfy all reasonable men.
 noun (n.) Not excessive or immoderate; within due limits; proper; as, a reasonable demand, amount, price.
 adverb (adv.) Reasonably; tolerably.

rebukableadjective (a.) Worthy of rebuke or reprehension; reprehensible.

rebuttableadjective (a.) Capable of being rebutted.

recallableadjective (a.) Capable of being recalled.

receivableadjective (a.) Capable of being received.

receptaclenoun (n.) That which serves, or is used, for receiving and containing something, as a basket, a vase, a bag, a reservoir; a repository.
 noun (n.) The apex of the flower stalk, from which the organs of the flower grow, or into which they are inserted. See Illust. of Flower, and Ovary.
 noun (n.) The dilated apex of a pedicel which serves as a common support to a head of flowers.
 noun (n.) An intercellular cavity containing oil or resin or other matters.
 noun (n.) A special branch which bears the fructification in many cryptogamous plants.

receptibleadjective (a.) Such as may be received; receivable.

recipianglenoun (n.) An instrument with two arms that are pivoted together at one end, and a graduated arc, -- used by military engineers for measuring and laying off angles of fortifications.

reclaimableadjective (a.) That may be reclaimed.

recognizableadjective (a.) Capable of being recognized.

recommendableadjective (a.) Suitable to be recommended; worthy of praise; commendable.

reconcilableadjective (a.) Capable of being reconciled; as, reconcilable adversaries; an act reconciable with previous acts.

reconvertibleadjective (a.) Capable of being reconverted; convertible again to the original form or condition.

recoverableadjective (a.) Capable of being recovered or regained; capable of being brought back to a former condition, as from sickness, misfortune, etc.; obtainable from a debtor or possessor; as, the debt is recoverable; goods lost or sunk in the ocean are not recoverable.

rectanglenoun (n.) A four-sided figure having only right angles; a right-angled parallelogram.
 adjective (a.) Rectangular.

rectifiableadjective (a.) Capable of being rectified; as, a rectifiable mistake.
 adjective (a.) Admitting, as a curve, of the construction of a straight l//e equal in length to any definite portion of the curve.

reculenoun (n.) Alt. of Reculement
 verb (v. i.) To recoil.

recuperableadjective (a.) Recoverable.

reddlenoun (n.) Red chalk. See under Chalk.

redeemableadjective (a.) Capable of being redeemed; subject to repurchase; held under conditions permitting redemption; as, a pledge securing the payment of money is redeemable.
 adjective (a.) Subject to an obligation of redemtion; conditioned upon a promise of redemtion; payable; due; as, bonds, promissory notes, etc. , redeemabble in gold, or in current money, or four months after date.

redemptibleadjective (a.) Redeemable.

redoubtableadjective (a.) Formidable; dread; terrible to foes; as, a redoubtable hero; hence, valiant; -- often in contempt or burlesque.

redpolenoun (n.) Same as Redpoll.

redressibleadjective (a.) Such as may be redressed.

reducibleadjective (a.) Capable of being reduced.

reeligibleadjective (a.) Eligible again; capable of reelection; as, reeligible to the same office.

reexaminableadjective (a.) Admitting of being reexamined or reconsidered.

referableadjective (a.) Capable of being referred, or considered in relation to something else; assignable; ascribable.

referribleadjective (a.) Referable.

reflectibleadjective (a.) Capable of being reflected, or thrown back; reflexible.

reflexibleadjective (a.) Capable of being reflected, or thrown back.

reformableadjective (a.) Capable of being reformed.

refractableadjective (a.) Capable of being refracted.

refragableadjective (a.) Capable of being refuted; refutable.

refrangibleadjective (a.) Capable of being refracted, or turned out of a direct course, in passing from one medium to another, as rays of light.

refusableadjective (a.) Capable of being refused; admitting of refusal.

refutableadjective (a.) Admitting of being refuted or disproved; capable of being proved false or erroneous.

regalenoun (n.) A prerogative of royalty.
 verb (v. t.) To enerta/n in a regal or sumptuous manner; to enrtertain with something that delights; to gratify; to refresh; as, to regale the taste, the eye, or the ear.
 verb (v. i.) To feast; t/ fare sumtuously.
 verb (v. t.) A sumptuous repast; a banquet.

regardableadjective (a.) Worthy of regard or notice; to be regarded; observable.

regibleadjective (a.) Governable; tractable.

regulableadjective (a.) Capable of being regulated.

reiglenoun (n.) A hollow cut or channel for quiding anything; as, the reigle of a side post for a flood gate.
 verb (v. t.) To regulate; to govern.

reimbursableadjective (a.) Capable of being repaid; repayable.

reissuableadjective (a.) Capable of being reissued.

rejectableadjective (a.) Capable of being, or that ought to be, rejected.

relaxableadjective (a.) Capable of being relaxed.

releasableadjective (a.) That may be released.

reliableadjective (a.) Suitable or fit to be relied on; worthy of dependance or reliance; trustworthy.

relievableadjective (a.) Capable of being relieved; fitted to recieve relief.

relishableadjective (a.) Capable of being relished; agreeable to the taste; gratifying.

remarkableadjective (a.) Worthy of being remarked or noticed; noticeable; conspicuous; hence, uncommon; extraordinary.

remediableadjective (a.) Capable of being remedied or cured.

rememberableadjective (a.) Capable or worthy of being remembered.

remissibleadjective (a.) Capable of being remitted or forgiven.

removableadjective (a.) Admitting of being removed.

remuableadjective (a.) That may be removed; removable.

remunerableadjective (a.) Admitting, or worthy, of remuneration.

renableadjective (a.) Reasonable; also, loquacious.

renascibleadjective (a.) Capable of being reproduced; ablle to spring again into being.

renderableadjective (a.) Capable of being rendered.

rendibleadjective (a.) Capable of being rent or torn.
 adjective (a.) Capable, or admitting, of being rendered.

renewableadjective (a.) Capable of being renewed; as, a lease renewable at pleasure.

rentableadjective (a.) Capable of being rented, or suitable for renting.

reobtainableadjective (a.) That may be reobtained.

repairableadjective (a.) Reparable.

reparableadjective (a.) Capable of being repaired, restored to a sound or good state, or made good; restorable; as, a reparable injury.

repayableadjective (a.) Capable of being, or proper to be , repaid; due; as, a loan repayable in ten days; services repayable in kind.

repealableadjective (a.) Capable of being repealed.

replaceableadjective (a.) Capable or admitting of being put back into a place.
 adjective (a.) Admitting of having its place supplied by a like thing or an equivalent; as, the lost book is replaceable.
 adjective (a.) Capable of being replaced (by), or of being exchanged (for); as, the hydrogen of acids is replaceable by metals or by basic radicals.

replantableadjective (a.) That may be planted again.

repleviableadjective (a.) Capable of being replevied.

replevisableadjective (a.) Repleviable.

reportableadjective (a.) Capable or admitting of being reported.

reprehensibleadjective (a.) Worthy of reprehension; culpable; censurable; blamable.

representableadjective (a.) Capable of being represented.

repressibleadjective (a.) Capable of being repressed.

reprevableadjective (a.) Reprovable.

reprovableadjective (a.) Worthy of reproof or censure.

reptilenoun (n.) An animal that crawls, or moves on its belly, as snakes,, or by means of small, short legs, as lizards, and the like.
 noun (n.) One of the Reptilia, or one of the Amphibia.
 noun (n.) A groveling or very mean person.
 adjective (a.) Creeping; moving on the belly, or by means of small and short legs.
 adjective (a.) Hence: Groveling; low; vulgar; as, a reptile race or crew; reptile vices.

repudiableadjective (a.) Admitting of repudiation; fit or proper to be put away.

repugnableadjective (a.) Capable of being repugned or resisted.

reputableadjective (a.) Having, or worthy of, good repute; held in esteem; honorable; praiseworthy; as, a reputable man or character; reputable conduct.

requirableadjective (a.) Capable of being required; proper to be required.

requitableadjective (a.) That may be requited.

resalenoun (n.) A sale at second hand, or at retail; also, a second sale.

rescindableadjective (a.) Capable of being rescinded.

rescuableadjective (a.) That may be rescued.

resemblableadjective (a.) Admitting of being compared; like.

resistibleadjective (a.) Capable of being resisted; as, a resistible force.

resolubleadjective (a.) Admitting of being resolved; resolvable; as, bodies resoluble by fire.

resolvableadjective (a.) Admitting of being resolved; admitting separation into constituent parts, or reduction to first principles; admitting solution or explanation; as, resolvable compounds; resolvable ideas or difficulties.

respectableadjective (a.) Worthy of respect; fitted to awaken esteem; deserving regard; hence, of good repute; not mean; as, a respectable citizen.
 adjective (a.) Moderate in degree of excellence or in number; as, a respectable performance; a respectable audience.

respirableadjective (a.) Suitable for being breathed; adapted for respiration.

responsibleadjective (a.) Liable to respond; likely to be called upon to answer; accountable; answerable; amenable; as, a guardian is responsible to the court for his conduct in the office.
 adjective (a.) Able to respond or answer for one's conduct and obligations; trustworthy, financially or otherwise; as, to have a responsible man for surety.
 adjective (a.) Involving responsibility; involving a degree of accountability on the part of the person concerned; as, a responsible office.

restorableadjective (a.) Admitting of being restored; capable of being reclaimed; as, restorable land.

restrainableadjective (a.) Capable of being restrained; controllable.

resumableadjective (a.) Capable of, or admitting of, being resumed.