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First name PSYCHE's origin is Greek. PSYCHE means "myth name (lover of cupid)". You can find other first names and English words that rhymes with PSYCHE below. Ryhme list involves the matching sounds according to the first letters, last letters and first&last letters of psyche.(Brown names are of the same origin (Greek) with PSYCHE and Red names are first names with English/Anglo-Saxon origin)

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First Names Rhyming PSYCHE



NAMES RHYMING WITH PSYCHE (According to last letters):

Rhyming Names According to Last 5 Letters (syche) - Names That Ends with syche:

Rhyming Names According to Last 4 Letters (yche) - Names That Ends with yche:

Rhyming Names According to Last 3 Letters (che) - Names That Ends with che:

andromache blanche fainche natuche porsche birche che fitche lache ohcumgache oidhche roche ionache wallache harelache

Rhyming Names According to Last 2 Letters (he) - Names That Ends with he:

eshe margarethe blythe agathe dianthe erianthe evanthe hyacinthe ianthe iolanthe xanthe ailbhe ayashe hyancinthe berthe blithe caoimhe casidhe edythe faethe faithe jacinthe josephe kathe marthe oilbhe olathe orlaithe yolanthe atteworthe boothe bothe caolaidhe christophe giollabuidhe giolladhe mathe moshe rushe scolaighe smythe tighe tinashe zethe gheorghe wythe birkhe the rhodanthe melanthe clianthe calanthe aethe lethe

NAMES RHYMING WITH PSYCHE (According to first letters):

Rhyming Names According to First 5 Letters (psych) - Names That Begins with psych:

Rhyming Names According to First 4 Letters (psyc) - Names That Begins with psyc:

Rhyming Names According to First 3 Letters (psy) - Names That Begins with psy:

Rhyming Names According to First 2 Letters (ps) - Names That Begins with ps:

psamtic pslomydes psusennes


First Names which starts with 'ps' and ends with 'he':

First Names which starts with 'p' and ends with 'e':

page paige paine paislee palmere parke parle parthenie pascale pascaline pasiphae pasquale patience patrice pauline payne pazice peace pearce pedrine peirce pellinore pendewe penelope pensee pepe percyvelle peregrine perke persephone persephonie perye perzsike peta-gaye pete peterke petre petrine petronille phebe phemie philipe philippe philippine phillipe phoebe pierce pierette pierre pierrette pike pimne pipere pivane plaise pleasure podarge pommelraie pommeraie ponce prentice prince procne promyse pruie prunellie ptaysanwee pyrene pyrenie

English Words Rhyming PSYCHE


psychenoun (n.) A lovely maiden, daughter of a king and mistress of Eros, or Cupid. She is regarded as the personification of the soul.
 noun (n.) The soul; the vital principle; the mind.
 noun (n.) A cheval glass.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH PSYCHE (According to last letters):

Rhyming Words According to Last 5 Letters (syche) - English Words That Ends with syche:

Rhyming Words According to Last 4 Letters (yche) - English Words That Ends with yche:

lycheadjective (a.) Like.

Rhyming Words According to Last 3 Letters (che) - English Words That Ends with che:

achenoun (n.) A name given to several species of plants; as, smallage, wild celery, parsley.
 verb (v. i.) Continued pain, as distinguished from sudden twinges, or spasmodic pain. "Such an ache in my bones."
 verb (v. i.) To suffer pain; to have, or be in, pain, or in continued pain; to be distressed.

avalanchenoun (n.) A large mass or body of snow and ice sliding swiftly down a mountain side, or falling down a precipice.
 noun (n.) A fall of earth, rocks, etc., similar to that of an avalanche of snow or ice.
 noun (n.) A sudden, great, or irresistible descent or influx of anything.

affichenoun (n.) A written or printed notice to be posted, as on a wall; a poster; a placard.

barouchenoun (n.) A four-wheeled carriage, with a falling top, a seat on the outside for the driver, and two double seats on the inside arranged so that the sitters on the front seat face those on the back seat.

bellyachenoun (n.) Pain in the bowels; colic.

boneachenoun (n.) Pain in the bones.

bouchenoun (n.) Same as Bush, a lining.
 noun (n.) Alt. of Bouch
 verb (v. t.) Same as Bush, to line.

bratschenoun (n.) The tenor viola, or viola.

brochenoun (n.) See Broach, n.
 adjective (a.) Woven with a figure; as, broche goods.
 adjective (a.) Stitched; -- said of a book with no cover or only a paper one.

briochenoun (n.) A light cake made with flour, butter, yeast, and eggs.
 noun (n.) A knitted foot cushion.

cachenoun (n.) A hole in the ground, or hiding place, for concealing and preserving provisions which it is inconvenient to carry.

calechenoun (n.) See Calash.

carochenoun (n.) A kind of pleasure carriage; a coach.

chichevachenoun (n.) A fabulous cow of enormous size, whose food was patient wives, and which was therefore in very lean condition.

chincheadjective (a.) Parsimonious; niggardly.

clecheadjective (a.) Charged with another bearing of the same figure, and of the color of the field, so large that only a narrow border of the first bearing remains visible; -- said of any heraldic bearing. Compare Voided.

clichenoun (n.) A stereotype plate or any similar reproduction of ornament, or lettering, in relief.

courchenoun (n.) A square piece of linen used formerly by women instead of a cap; a kerchief.

cr/chenoun (n.) A public nursery, where the young children of poor women are cared for during the day, while their mothers are at work.

crochenoun (n.) A little bud or knob at the top of a deer's antler.

cynanchenoun (n.) Any disease of the tonsils, throat, or windpipe, attended with inflammation, swelling, and difficulty of breathing and swallowing.

clochenoun (n.) An apparatus used in controlling certain kinds of aeroplanes, and consisting principally of a steering column mounted with a universal joint at the base, which is bellshaped and has attached to it the cables for controlling the wing-warping devices, elevator planes, and the like.

debouchenoun (n.) A place for exit; an outlet; hence, a market for goods.

douchenoun (n.) A jet or current of water or vapor directed upon some part of the body to benefit it medicinally; a douche bath.
 noun (n.) A syringe.

earachenoun (n.) Ache or pain in the ear.

echenoun (a. / a. pron.) Each.

ecorchenoun (n.) A manikin, or image, representing an animal, especially man, with the skin removed so that the muscles are exposed for purposes of study.

enmancheadjective (a.) Resembling, or covered with, a sleeve; -- said of the chief when lines are drawn from the middle point of the upper edge upper edge to the sides.

fendlicheadjective (a.) Fiendlike.

ficheadjective (a.) See FitchE.

fitcheadjective (a.) Sharpened to a point; pointed.

flechenoun (n.) A simple fieldwork, consisting of two faces forming a salient angle pointing outward and open at the gorge.

fourcheadjective (a.) Having the ends forked or branched, and the ends of the branches terminating abruptly as if cut off; -- said of an ordinary, especially of a cross.

gauchenoun (n.) Left handed; hence, awkward; clumsy.
 noun (n.) Winding; twisted; warped; -- applied to curves and surfaces.

gavelochenoun (n.) Same as Gavelock.

gobemouchenoun (n.) Literally, a fly swallower; hence, once who keeps his mouth open; a boor; a silly and credulous person.

gouachenoun (n.) A method of painting with opaque colors, which have been ground in water and mingled with a preparation of gum; also, a picture thus painted.

guillochenoun (n.) An ornament in the form of two or more bands or strings twisted over each other in a continued series, leaving circular openings which are filled with round ornaments.
 noun (n.) In ornamental art, any pattern made by interlacing curved lines.

headachenoun (n.) Pain in the head; cephalalgia.

heartachenoun (n.) Sorrow; anguish of mind; mental pang.

knowlechenoun (n. & v.) See Knowl, edge.

lachenoun (n.) Neglect; negligence; remissness; neglect to do a thing at the proper time; delay to assert a claim.

lechenoun (n.) See water buck, under 3d Buck.

lochenoun (n.) See Loach.

levechenoun (n.) A dry sirocco of Spain.

manchenoun (n.) A sleeve.

metochenoun (n.) The space between two dentils.
 noun (n.) The space between two triglyphs.

mochenoun (n.) A bale of raw silk.
 adjective (a.) Much.

moustachenoun (n.) Mustache.

mustachenoun (n.) That part of the beard which grows on the upper lip; hair left growing above the mouth.
 noun (n.) A West African monkey (Cercopithecus cephus). It has yellow whiskers, and a triangular blue mark on the nose.
 noun (n.) Any conspicuous stripe of color on the side of the head, beneath the eye of a bird.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH PSYCHE (According to first letters):

Rhyming Words According to First 5 Letters (psych) - Words That Begins with psych:

psychagogicadjective (a.) Attractive; persuasive.

psychagoguenoun (n.) A necromancer.

psychaladjective (a.) Of or pertaining to the soul; psychical.

psychiannoun (n.) Any small moth of the genus Psyche and allied genera (family Psychidae). The larvae are called basket worms. See Basket worm, under Basket.

psychiatrianoun (n.) Alt. of Psychiatry

psychiatrynoun (n.) The application of the healing art to mental diseases.

psychiatricadjective (a.) Of or pertaining to psychiatria.

psychicadjective (a.) Alt. of Psychical

psychicaladjective (a.) Of or pertaining to the human soul, or to the living principle in man.
 adjective (a.) Of or pertaining to the mind, or its functions and diseases; mental; -- contrasted with physical.

psychicsnoun (n.) Psychology.

psychismnoun (n.) The doctrine of Quesne, that there is a fluid universally diffused, end equally animating all living beings, the difference in their actions being due to the difference of the individual organizations.

psychogenesisnoun (n.) Genesis through an internal force, as opposed to natural selection.

psychographynoun (n.) A description of the phenomena of mind.
 noun (n.) Spirit writing.

psychologicadjective (a.) Alt. of Psychological

psychologicaladjective (a.) Of or pertaining to psychology. See Note under Psychic.

psychologistnoun (n.) One who is versed in, devoted to, psychology.

psychologuenoun (n.) A psychologist.

psychologynoun (n.) The science of the human soul; specifically, the systematic or scientific knowledge of the powers and functions of the human soul, so far as they are known by consciousness; a treatise on the human soul.

psychomachynoun (n.) A conflict of the soul with the body.

psychomancynoun (n.) Necromancy.

psychometrynoun (n.) The art of measuring the duration of mental processes, or of determining the time relations of mental phenomena.

psychopannychismnoun (n.) The doctrine that the soul falls asleep at death, and does not wake until the resurrection of the body.

psychopathynoun (n.) Mental disease. See Psychosis, 2.

psychophysicaladjective (a.) Of or pertaining to psychophysics; involving the action or mutual relations of the psychical and physical in man.

psychophysicsnoun (n.) The science of the connection between nerve action and consciousness; the science which treats of the relations of the psychical and physical in their conjoint operation in man; the doctrine of the relation of function or dependence between body and soul.

psychopompnoun (n.) A leader or guide of souls .

psychosisnoun (n.) Any vital action or activity.
 noun (n.) A disease of the mind; especially, a functional mental disorder, that is, one unattended with evident organic changes.

psychozoicadjective (a.) Designating, or applied to the Era of man; as, the psychozoic era.

psychrometernoun (n.) An instrument for measuring the tension of the aqueous vapor in the atmosphere, being essentially a wet and dry bulb hygrometer.

psychrometricaladjective (a.) Of or pertaining to the psychrometer or psychrometry.

psychrometrynoun (n.) Hygrometry.

psychanalysisnoun (n.) A method or process of psychotherapeutic analysis based on the work of Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856- --) of Vienna. The method rests upon the theory that hysteria is characteristically due to repression of desires consciously rejected but subconsciously persistent; it consists in a close analysis of the patient's mental history, stress being laid upon the dream life, and of treatment by means of suggestion.

psychoanalysisadjective (a.) Alt. of Psychoanalytic

psychoanalyticadjective (a.) = Psychanalysis, Psychanalytic.

psychotherapeuticsnoun (n.) The treatment of disease by acting on the mind, as by suggestion; mind cure; psychotherapy.

psychotherapynoun (n.) Psychotherapeutics.

Rhyming Words According to First 4 Letters (psyc) - Words That Begins with psyc:

Rhyming Words According to First 3 Letters (psy) - Words That Begins with psy:

psyllanoun (n.) Any leaping plant louse of the genus Psylla, or family Psyllidae.


English Words which starts with 'ps' and ends with 'he':