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First name LEGAYA's origin is Other. LEGAYA means "(pronounced". You can find other first names and English words that rhymes with LEGAYA below. Ryhme list involves the matching sounds according to the first letters, last letters and first&last letters of legaya.(Brown names are of the same origin (Other) with LEGAYA and Red names are first names with English/Anglo-Saxon origin)

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First Names Rhyming LEGAYA



NAMES RHYMING WITH LEGAYA (According to last letters):

Rhyming Names According to Last 5 Letters (egaya) - Names That Ends with egaya:

Rhyming Names According to Last 4 Letters (gaya) - Names That Ends with gaya:

Rhyming Names According to Last 3 Letters (aya) - Names That Ends with aya:

anaya inaya aya chhaya taya kaya el-saraya abhaya atalaya camraya chaya genaya jadaya jaya jenaya maya weayaya wikvaya ruqaya haya yeshaya janaya

Rhyming Names According to Last 2 Letters (ya) - Names That Ends with ya:

afya annakiya chanya hadiya kenya radhiya zakiya aliya lamya' najya rayya thurayya panya raziya ilithya ibolya adya ahalya anasuya arya lakya sandhya shaibya miya toya hakidonmuya kolenya mapiya pamuya natalya sofiya akinsanya yahya zakariyya guaiya kasiya kolya acharya aditya agastya agneya akshobhya ahiliya oya aaleahya aarshiya aasiya aiya aleksandrya amya ananya aniya asya bitya bronya carmya daganya danya enya galya hadya jamiya jiya kashiya latoya letya leya maiya maniya manya maurya mikeya mireya moya mya nadiya nasya olya

NAMES RHYMING WITH LEGAYA (According to first letters):

Rhyming Names According to First 5 Letters (legay) - Names That Begins with legay:

Rhyming Names According to First 4 Letters (lega) - Names That Begins with lega:


Rhyming Names According to First 3 Letters (leg) - Names That Begins with leg:


Rhyming Names According to First 2 Letters (le) - Names That Begins with le:

lea lea-que leachlainn leah leal leala lealia leaman leamhnach lean leana leander leandra leandre leandro leane leanian leann leanna leannan leanne lear leary leathan leathlobhair leax leb lebna lecia leda lee leeann leeanne leela leeland leena leeroy leesa leia leianna leicester leigb leigh leigh-ann leighanne leighton leiko leil leila leilah leilana leilani leilanie leilany leiloni leira leisha leith leitha leitis leksi lela leland lele lelia lema leman lemuel lemuela len lena lenae lenard lenci lendall lendell lenee leng lenmana lenn lennard lennell lennie lenno lennon lennox lenny lenora lenore lenuta leo leoc leocadie leod leoda leodegan leodegrance leodegraunce


First Names which starts with 'le' and ends with 'ya':

First Names which starts with 'l' and ends with 'a':

labreshia lacina lacramioara lada laetitia lahela laila laina lajila lakeisha lakesha lakeshia lakiesha lakisha lakishia lala lalia lalima lama lamba lamia lampetia lana lanaia landa landra landrada lanna lansa laodamia laqueta laquisha lara lareina larena laria larina larissa larunda lashea latasha lateefa lateisha latesha latia laticia latisha laura laurana laurena laurencia laurentia lauretta laurinda laurita lavena laverna lavernia lavina lavinia layla leola leoma leona leonarda leonda leondra leondrea leonela leonora leontina leopolda leopoldina leota leppa lera leta letha lethia letitia letizia leucothea leucothia leunta levia levina levyna lewanna lexandra lexina leyla leza lia liana lianna licia lidia liealia ligia liisa

English Words Rhyming LEGAYA


ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH LEGAYA (According to last letters):

Rhyming Words According to Last 5 Letters (egaya) - English Words That Ends with egaya:

Rhyming Words According to Last 4 Letters (gaya) - English Words That Ends with gaya:

Rhyming Words According to Last 3 Letters (aya) - English Words That Ends with aya:

bayanoun (n.) The East Indian weaver bird (Ploceus Philippinus).

khayanoun (n.) A lofty West African tree (Khaya Senegalensis), related to the mahogany, which it resembles in the quality of the wood. The bark is used as a febrifuge.

mayanoun (n.) The name for the doctrine of the unreality of matter, called, in English, idealism; hence, nothingness; vanity; illusion.

pirayanoun (n.) A large voracious fresh-water fish (Serrasalmo piraya) of South America, having lancet-shaped teeth.

pitahayanoun (n.) A cactaceous shrub (Cereus Pitajaya) of tropical America, which yields a delicious fruit.

playanoun (n.) A beach; a strand; in the plains and deserts of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, a broad, level spot, on which subsequently becomes dry by evaporation.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH LEGAYA (According to first letters):

Rhyming Words According to First 5 Letters (legay) - Words That Begins with legay:

Rhyming Words According to First 4 Letters (lega) - Words That Begins with lega:

legacynoun (n.) A gift of property by will, esp. of money or personal property; a bequest. Also Fig.; as, a legacy of dishonor or disease.
 noun (n.) A business with which one is intrusted by another; a commission; -- obsolete, except in the phrases last legacy, dying legacy, and the like.

legaladjective (a.) Created by, permitted by, in conformity with, or relating to, law; as, a legal obligation; a legal standard or test; a legal procedure; a legal claim; a legal trade; anything is legal which the laws do not forbid.
 adjective (a.) According to the law of works, as distinguished from free grace; or resting on works for salvation.
 adjective (a.) According to the old or Mosaic dispensation; in accordance with the law of Moses.
 adjective (a.) Governed by the rules of law as distinguished from the rules of equity; as, legal estate; legal assets.

legalismnoun (n.) Strictness, or the doctrine of strictness, in conforming to law.

legalistnoun (n.) One who practices or advocates strict conformity to law; in theology, one who holds to the law of works. See Legal, 2 (a).

legalitynoun (n.) The state or quality of being legal; conformity to law.
 noun (n.) A conformity to, and resting upon, the letter of the law.

legalizationnoun (n.) The act of making legal.

legalizingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Legalize

legantineadjective (a.) See Legatine.

legatarynoun (n.) A legatee.

legatenoun (n.) An ambassador or envoy.
 noun (n.) An ecclesiastic representing the pope and invested with the authority of the Holy See.
 noun (n.) An official assistant given to a general or to the governor of a province.
 noun (n.) Under the emperors, a governor sent to a province.

legateenoun (n.) One to whom a legacy is bequeathed.

legateshipnoun (n.) The office of a legate.

legatineadjective (a.) Of or pertaining to a legate; as, legatine power.
 adjective (a.) Made by, proceeding from, or under the sanction of, a legate; as, a legatine constitution.

legationnoun (n.) The sending forth or commissioning one person to act for another.
 noun (n.) A legate, or envoy, and the persons associated with him in his mission; an embassy; or, in stricter usage, a diplomatic minister and his suite; a deputation.
 noun (n.) The place of business or official residence of a diplomatic minister at a foreign court or seat of government.
 noun (n.) A district under the jurisdiction of a legate.

legatoadjective (a.) Connected; tied; -- a term used when successive tones are to be produced in a closely connected, smoothly gliding manner. It is often indicated by a tie, thus /, /, or /, /, written over or under the notes to be so performed; -- opposed to staccato.

legatornoun (n.) A testator; one who bequeaths a legacy.

legaturanoun (n.) A tie or brace; a syncopation.

legaturenoun (n.) Legateship.

Rhyming Words According to First 3 Letters (leg) - Words That Begins with leg:

legnoun (n.) A limb or member of an animal used for supporting the body, and in running, climbing, and swimming; esp., that part of the limb between the knee and foot.
 noun (n.) That which resembles a leg in form or use; especially, any long and slender support on which any object rests; as, the leg of a table; the leg of a pair of compasses or dividers.
 noun (n.) The part of any article of clothing which covers the leg; as, the leg of a stocking or of a pair of trousers.
 noun (n.) A bow, esp. in the phrase to make a leg; probably from drawing the leg backward in bowing.
 noun (n.) A disreputable sporting character; a blackleg.
 noun (n.) The course and distance made by a vessel on one tack or between tacks.
 noun (n.) An extension of the boiler downward, in the form of a narrow space between vertical plates, sometimes nearly surrounding the furnace and ash pit, and serving to support the boiler; -- called also water leg.
 noun (n.) The case containing the lower part of the belt which carries the buckets.
 noun (n.) A fielder whose position is on the outside, a little in rear of the batter.
 noun (n.) Either side of a triangle of a triangle as distinguished from the base or, in a right triangle, from the hypotenuse; also, an indefinitely extending branch of a curve, as of a hyperbola.
 noun (n.) A branch or lateral circuit connecting an instrument with the main line.
 noun (n.) A branch circuit; one phase of a polyphase system.
 verb (v. t.) To use as a leg, with it as object
 verb (v. t.) To bow.
 verb (v. t.) To run.

legementnoun (n.) See Ledgment.

legendnoun (n.) That which is appointed to be read; especially, a chronicle or register of the lives of saints, formerly read at matins, and in the refectories of religious houses.
 noun (n.) A story respecting saints; especially, one of a marvelous nature.
 noun (n.) Any wonderful story coming down from the past, but not verifiable by historical record; a myth; a fable.
 noun (n.) An inscription, motto, or title, esp. one surrounding the field in a medal or coin, or placed upon an heraldic shield or beneath an engraving or illustration.
 verb (v. t.) To tell or narrate, as a legend.

legendarynoun (n.) A book of legends; a tale or narrative.
 noun (n.) One who relates legends.
 adjective (a.) Of or pertaining to a legend or to legends; consisting of legends; like a legend; fabulous.

legernoun (n.) Anything that lies in a place; that which, or one who, remains in a place.
 noun (n.) A minister or ambassador resident at a court or seat of government.
 noun (n.) A ledger.
 adjective (a.) Lying or remaining in a place; hence, resident; as, leger ambassador.
 adjective (a.) Light; slender; slim; trivial.

legerdemainnoun (n.) Sleight of hand; a trick of sleight of hand; hence, any artful deception or trick.

legerdemainistnoun (n.) One who practices sleight of hand; a prestidigitator.

legeritynoun (n.) Lightness; nimbleness.

leggedadjective (a.) Having (such or so many) legs; -- used in composition; as, a long-legged man; a two-legged animal.

leggingnoun (n.) Alt. of Leggin
  () a. & vb. n., from Leg, v. t.

legginnoun (n.) A cover for the leg, like a long gaiter.

leggyadjective (a.) Having long legs.

leghornnoun (n.) A straw plaiting used for bonnets and hats, made from the straw of a particular kind of wheat, grown for the purpose in Tuscany, Italy; -- so called from Leghorn, the place of exportation.

legibilitynoun (n.) The quality of being legible; legibleness.

legibleadjective (a.) Capable of being read or deciphered; distinct to the eye; plain; -- used of writing or printing; as, a fair, legible manuscript.
 adjective (a.) Capable of being discovered or understood by apparent marks or indications; as, the thoughts of men are often legible in their countenances.

legiblenessnoun (n.) The state or quality of being legible.

legificadjective (a.) Of or pertaining to making laws.

legionnoun (n.) A body of foot soldiers and cavalry consisting of different numbers at different periods, -- from about four thousand to about six thousand men, -- the cavalry being about one tenth.
 noun (n.) A military force; an army; military bands.
 noun (n.) A great number; a multitude.
 noun (n.) A group of orders inferior to a class.

legionarynoun (n.) A member of a legion.
 adjective (a.) Belonging to a legion; consisting of a legion or legions, or of an indefinitely great number; as, legionary soldiers; a legionary force.

legionedadjective (a.) Formed into a legion or legions; legionary.

legionrynoun (n.) A body of legions; legions, collectively.

legislatingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Legislate

legislationnoun (n.) The act of legislating; preparation and enactment of laws; the laws enacted.

legislativeadjective (a.) Making, or having the power to make, a law or laws; lawmaking; -- distinguished from executive; as, a legislative act; a legislative body.
 adjective (a.) Of or pertaining to the making of laws; suitable to legislation; as, the transaction of legislative business; the legislative style.

legislatornoun (n.) A lawgiver; one who makes laws for a state or community; a member of a legislative body.

legislatorialadjective (a.) Of or pertaining to a legislator or legislature.

legislatorshipnoun (n.) The office of a legislator.

legislatressnoun (n.) Alt. of Legislatrix

legislatrixnoun (n.) A woman who makes laws.

legislaturenoun (n.) The body of persons in a state or kingdom invested with power to make and repeal laws; a legislative body.

legistnoun (n.) One skilled in the laws; a writer on law.

legitimadjective (a.) The portion of movable estate to which the children are entitled upon the death of the father.

legitimacyadjective (a.) The state, or quality, of being legitimate, or in conformity with law; hence, the condition of having been lawfully begotten, or born in wedlock.

legitimateadjective (a.) Accordant with law or with established legal forms and requirements; lawful; as, legitimate government; legitimate rights; the legitimate succession to the throne; a legitimate proceeding of an officer; a legitimate heir.
 adjective (a.) Lawfully begotten; born in wedlock.
 adjective (a.) Authorized; real; genuine; not false, counterfeit, or spurious; as, legitimate poems of Chaucer; legitimate inscriptions.
 adjective (a.) Conforming to known principles, or accepted rules; as, legitimate reasoning; a legitimate standard, or method; a legitimate combination of colors.
 adjective (a.) Following by logical sequence; reasonable; as, a legitimate result; a legitimate inference.
 verb (v. t.) To make legitimate, lawful, or valid; esp., to put in the position or state of a legitimate person before the law, by legal means; as, to legitimate a bastard child.

legitimatingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Legitimate

legitimatenessnoun (n.) The state or quality of being legitimate; lawfulness; genuineness.

legitimationnoun (n.) The act of making legitimate.
 noun (n.) Lawful birth.

legitimatistnoun (n.) See Legitimist.

legitimismnoun (n.) The principles or plans of legitimists.

legitimistnoun (n.) One who supports legitimate authority; esp., one who believes in hereditary monarchy, as a divine right.
 noun (n.) Specifically, a supporter of the claims of the elder branch of the Bourbon dynasty to the crown of France.

legitimizingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Legitimize

leglessadjective (a.) Not having a leg.

leguleiannoun (n.) A lawyer.
 adjective (a.) Lawyerlike; legal.

legumenoun (n.) A pod dehiscent into two pieces or valves, and having the seed attached at one suture, as that of the pea.
 noun (n.) The fruit of leguminous plants, as peas, beans, lupines; pulse.

legumennoun (n.) Same as Legume.

leguminnoun (n.) An albuminous substance resembling casein, found as a characteristic ingredient of the seeds of leguminous and grain-bearing plants.

leguminousadjective (a.) Pertaining to pulse; consisting of pulse.
 adjective (a.) Belonging to, or resembling, a very large natural order of plants (Leguminosae), which bear legumes, including peas, beans, clover, locust trees, acacias, and mimosas.


English Words which starts with 'le' and ends with 'ya':