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First name GLENNA's origin is Irish. GLENNA means "of the glen". You can find other first names and English words that rhymes with GLENNA below. Ryhme list involves the matching sounds according to the first letters, last letters and first&last letters of glenna.(Brown names are of the same origin (Irish) with GLENNA and Red names are first names with English/Anglo-Saxon origin)

Rhymes with GLENNA - Names & Words

First Names Rhyming GLENNA



NAMES RHYMING WITH GLENNA (According to last letters):

Rhyming Names According to Last 5 Letters (lenna) - Names That Ends with lenna:

arlenna dalenna

Rhyming Names According to Last 4 Letters (enna) - Names That Ends with enna:

uchenna urenna avicenna brenna cathenna genna jenna lorenna mackenna makenna mckenna mikenna sienna vienna brienna

Rhyming Names According to Last 3 Letters (nna) - Names That Ends with nna:

adanna nanna ghleanna johanna corinna ivanna channa janna giovanna ricadonna ozanna abrianna adianna adreanna adrianna aiyanna alanna alonna alyanna andrianna anna areyanna arianna arionna audreanna audrianna aulanna avianna avyanna bethanna breanna breyanna brianna briaunna brionna bryanna brynna cheyanna chianna chrisanna christianna chynna cianna crisanna danna davianna davonna deanna deeanna deonna devonna dianna dionna doanna donna dyanna edwinna evanna fianna finna fionna flanna giavanna ginna giynna glorianna gracianna gunna hanna harimanna havanna hosanna ileanna iyanna iyonna jeanna jeovanna jianna jillianna joanna joeanna johnna jonna

NAMES RHYMING WITH GLENNA (According to first letters):

Rhyming Names According to First 5 Letters (glenn) - Names That Begins with glenn:


Rhyming Names According to First 4 Letters (glen) - Names That Begins with glen:

glen glendon

Rhyming Names According to First 3 Letters (gle) - Names That Begins with gle:

gleann gleda glewlwyd

Rhyming Names According to First 2 Letters (gl) - Names That Begins with gl:

glad gladwin gladwyn glaedwi glaedwine glais glaleanna glauce glaucus glifieu gliona glor gloriana gloriane glyn glynn


First Names which starts with 'gl' and ends with 'na':

First Names which starts with 'g' and ends with 'a':

gabra gabreilla gabriela gabriella gabryella gadara gadhra gadwa gaea gaetana gaia gaila gaira gaizka gala galatea galawya galea galena galenia galenka galia galiana galiena galila galina galla gallia galochka galya gana ganieda gara garabina garbha garbina garcia garda gardenia garia gaspara gavenia gavina gavra gavrila gavrilla gayla gechina gedalya geela gelasia gelsomina geltruda gemma genara genaya generosa genessa geneva genevra genisa genisia genoveva genowefa gentza georgeta georgetta georgia georgiana geraldina gerda geremia gerhardina gerica gericka gerika germana gertruda gerwa gerwalta geza gezana ghayda ghita giada giana giancinta gianina gianluca gianna gila gilala gilana gilbarta gilberta gilda gildea gilia gina ginebra

English Words Rhyming GLENNA


ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH GLENNA (According to last letters):

Rhyming Words According to Last 5 Letters (lenna) - English Words That Ends with lenna:

Rhyming Words According to Last 4 Letters (enna) - English Words That Ends with enna:

alhennanoun (n.) See Henna.

antennanoun (n.) A movable, articulated organ of sensation, attached to the heads of insects and Crustacea. There are two in the former, and usually four in the latter. They are used as organs of touch, and in some species of Crustacea the cavity of the ear is situated near the basal joint. In insects, they are popularly called horns, and also feelers. The term in also applied to similar organs on the heads of other arthropods and of annelids.

duennanoun (n.) The chief lady in waiting on the queen of Spain.
 noun (n.) An elderly lady holding a station between a governess and companion, and appointed to have charge over the younger ladies in a Spanish or a Portuguese family.
 noun (n.) Any old woman who is employed to guard a younger one; a governess.

gehennanoun (n.) The valley of Hinnom, near Jerusalem, where some of the Israelites sacrificed their children to Moloch, which, on this account, was afterward regarded as a place of abomination, and made a receptacle for all the refuse of the city, perpetual fires being kept up in order to prevent pestilential effluvia. In the New Testament the name is transferred, by an easy metaphor, to Hell.

hennanoun (n.) A thorny tree or shrub of the genus Lawsonia (L. alba). The fragrant white blossoms are used by the Buddhists in religious ceremonies. The powdered leaves furnish a red coloring matter used in the East to stain the hails and fingers, the manes of horses, etc.
 noun (n.) The leaves of the henna plant, or a preparation or dyestuff made from them.

khennanoun (n.) See Henna.

pennanoun (n.) A perfect, or normal, feather.

sennanoun (n.) The leaves of several leguminous plants of the genus Cassia. (C. acutifolia, C. angustifolia, etc.). They constitute a valuable but nauseous cathartic medicine.
 noun (n.) The plants themselves, native to the East, but now cultivated largely in the south of Europe and in the West Indies.

siennanoun (n.) Clay that is colored red or brown by the oxides of iron or manganese, and used as a pigment. It is used either in the raw state or burnt.

Rhyming Words According to Last 3 Letters (nna) - English Words That Ends with nna:

alcannanoun (n.) An oriental shrub (Lawsonia inermis) from which henna is obtained.

annanoun (n.) An East Indian money of account, the sixteenth of a rupee, or about 2/ cents.

bandannanoun (n.) Alt. of Bandana

belladonnanoun (n.) An herbaceous European plant (Atropa belladonna) with reddish bell-shaped flowers and shining black berries. The whole plant and its fruit are very poisonous, and the root and leaves are used as powerful medicinal agents. Its properties are largely due to the alkaloid atropine which it contains. Called also deadly nightshade.
 noun (n.) A species of Amaryllis (A. belladonna); the belladonna lily.

cannanoun (n.) A measure of length in Italy, varying from six to seven feet. See Cane, 4.
 noun (n.) A genus of tropical plants, with large leaves and often with showy flowers. The Indian shot (C. Indica) is found in gardens of the northern United States.

donnanoun (n.) A lady; madam; mistress; -- the title given a lady in Italy.

hosannanoun (n.) A Hebrew exclamation of praise to the Lord, or an invocation of blessings.

madonnanoun (n.) My lady; -- a term of address in Italian formerly used as the equivalent of Madame, but for which Signora is now substituted. Sometimes introduced into English.
 noun (n.) A picture of the Virgin Mary (usually with the babe).

mannanoun (n.) The food supplied to the Israelites in their journey through the wilderness of Arabia; hence, divinely supplied food.
 noun (n.) A name given to lichens of the genus Lecanora, sometimes blown into heaps in the deserts of Arabia and Africa, and gathered and used as food.
 noun (n.) A sweetish exudation in the form of pale yellow friable flakes, coming from several trees and shrubs and used in medicine as a gentle laxative, as the secretion of Fraxinus Ornus, and F. rotundifolia, the manna ashes of Southern Europe.

meminnanoun (n.) A small deerlet, or chevrotain, of India.

pinnanoun (n.) A leaflet of a pinnate leaf. See Illust. of Bipinnate leaf, under Bipinnate.
 noun (n.) One of the primary divisions of a decompound leaf.
 noun (n.) One of the divisions of a pinnate part or organ.
 noun (n.) Any species of Pinna, a genus of large bivalve mollusks found in all warm seas. The byssus consists of a large number of long, silky fibers, which have been used in manufacturing woven fabrics, as a curiosity.
 noun (n.) The auricle of the ear. See Ear.

prima donnaadjective (a.) The first or chief female singer in an opera.

savannanoun (n.) A tract of level land covered with the vegetable growth usually found in a damp soil and warm climate, -- as grass or reeds, -- but destitute of trees.

sunnanoun (n.) A collection of traditions received by the orthodox Mohammedans as of equal authority with the Koran.

ENGLISH WORDS RHYMING WITH GLENNA (According to first letters):

Rhyming Words According to First 5 Letters (glenn) - Words That Begins with glenn:

Rhyming Words According to First 4 Letters (glen) - Words That Begins with glen:

glennoun (n.) A secluded and narrow valley; a dale; a depression between hills.

glenlivatnoun (n.) Alt. of Glenlivet

glenlivetnoun (n.) A kind of Scotch whisky, named from the district in which it was first made.

glenoidadjective (a.) Having the form of a smooth and shallow depression; socketlike; -- applied to several articular surfaces of bone; as, the glenoid cavity, or fossa, of the scapula, in which the head of the humerus articulates.

glenoidaladjective (a.) Glenoid.

glentnoun (n. & v.) See Glint.

Rhyming Words According to First 3 Letters (gle) - Words That Begins with gle:

gleadnoun (n.) A live coal. See Gleed.

gleamnoun (n.) A shoot of light; a small stream of light; a beam; a ray; a glimpse.
 noun (n.) Brightness; splendor.
 verb (v. i.) To disgorge filth, as a hawk.
 verb (v. t.) To shoot, or dart, as rays of light; as, at the dawn, light gleams in the east.
 verb (v. t.) To shine; to cast light; to glitter.
 verb (v. t.) To shoot out (flashes of light, etc.).

gleamingnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Gleam

gleamyadjective (a.) Darting beams of light; casting light in rays; flashing; coruscating.

gleaningnoun (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Glean
 noun (n.) The act of gathering after reapers; that which is collected by gleaning.

gleannoun (n.) A collection made by gleaning.
 noun (n.) Cleaning; afterbirth.
 verb (v. t.) To gather after a reaper; to collect in scattered or fragmentary parcels, as the grain left by a reaper, or grapes left after the gathering.
 verb (v. t.) To gather from (a field or vineyard) what is left.
 verb (v. t.) To collect with patient and minute labor; to pick out; to obtain.
 verb (v. i.) To gather stalks or ears of grain left by reapers.
 verb (v. i.) To pick up or gather anything by degrees.

gleanernoun (n.) One who gathers after reapers.
 noun (n.) One who gathers slowly with labor.

glebenoun (n.) A lump; a clod.
 noun (n.) Turf; soil; ground; sod.
 noun (n.) The land belonging, or yielding revenue, to a parish church or ecclesiastical benefice.

glebelessadjective (a.) Having no glebe.

glebositynoun (n.) The quality of being glebous.

glebousadjective (a.) Alt. of Gleby

glebyadjective (a.) Pertaining to the glebe; turfy; cloddy; fertile; fruitful.

gledenoun (n.) A live coal.
 verb (v. i.) The common European kite (Milvus ictinus). This name is also sometimes applied to the buzzard.

gleenoun (n.) Music; minstrelsy; entertainment.
 noun (n.) Joy; merriment; mirth; gayety; paricularly, the mirth enjoyed at a feast.
 noun (n.) An unaccompanied part song for three or more solo voices. It is not necessarily gleesome.

gleefuladjective (a.) Merry; gay; joyous.

gleeknoun (n.) A jest or scoff; a trick or deception.
 noun (n.) An enticing look or glance.
 noun (n.) A game at cards, once popular, played by three persons.
 noun (n.) Three of the same cards held in the same hand; -- hence, three of anything.
 verb (v. i.) To make sport; to gibe; to sneer; to spend time idly.

gleemannoun (n.) A name anciently given to an itinerant minstrel or musician.

gleesomeadjective (a.) Merry; joyous; gleeful.

gleetnoun (n.) A transparent mucous discharge from the membrane of the urethra, commonly an effect of gonorrhea.
 verb (v. i.) To flow in a thin, limpid humor; to ooze, as gleet.
 verb (v. i.) To flow slowly, as water.

gleetyadjective (a.) Ichorous; thin; limpid.

glegadjective (a.) Quick of perception; alert; sharp.

gleirenoun (n.) Alt. of Gleyre

gleyrenoun (n.) See Glair.

gleucometernoun (n.) An instrument for measuring the specific gravity and ascertaining the quantity of sugar contained in must.

glewnoun (n.) See Glue.

glebanoun (n.) The chambered sporogenous tissue forming the central mass of the sporophore in puff balls, stinkhorns, etc.


English Words which starts with 'gl' and ends with 'na':

globigerinanoun (n.) A genus of small Foraminifera, which live abundantly at or near the surface of the sea. Their dead shells, falling to the bottom, make up a large part of the soft mud, generally found in depths below 3,000 feet, and called globigerina ooze. See Illust. of Foraminifera.

glucinanoun (n.) A white or gray tasteless powder, the oxide of the element glucinum; -- formerly called glucine.